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News | Feb. 24, 2021

The Evolution of Close Air Support

By ALSA Center Air Land Sea Application Center

This edition of the Air Land Sea Bulletin (ALSB) commemorates the Air Land Sea Application Center’s (ALSA’s) 40th anniversary of service to the warfighter. On July 1, 1975, the United States (US) Air Force Tactical Air Command (TAC) and US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) established the Air-Land Forces Application (ALFA) directorate “to coordinate, integrate, and direct TAC and TRADOC programs for development of joint concepts, doctrine, and procedures for the conduct of the Air-Land Battle.”

ALFA distributed the first Air-Land Bulletin in January 1977. It was conceived to “provide a means of communicating ideas, concepts, joint initiatives, and developments associated with [the] air-land battle.”

In 40 years, ALFA grew beyond providing Army-Air Force Air-Land Battle doctrine and transformed into ALSA with additional representatives from the US Navy and US Marine Corps. The organizational focus, appropriately, shifted to provide tactics, techniques, and procedures to solve multi-Service interface problems at the tactical level. Although the topics contained in these bulletins have changed over time, the intent has remained resolute: the ALSB is a media platform for the joint force to exchange ideas. Our submitting authors have made it successful. Many unfiltered, bottom-up ideas have come from the field suggesting ways to improve how we fight as an integrated, joint team. Some ideas have led to new capabilities, tactics, techniques, or procedures.

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ALSB 2015-3