ALSSA MTTP Hard Copy Ordering Information

ALSSA does not maintain a warehouse of MTTPs and has limited quantities on hand.

If you are deployed and need a single hard copy, contact the ALSSA pubs officer at

Please provide your official mailing address as well as the LONG TITLE of the requested ALSSA publication.

Note: Most MTTPs have a distribution restriction located on the front cover.


  • For Army units,your unit publication officer can order MTTPs through the APD website at  Click on “Resources” and then click on “Ordering Services.” You will be redirected to the Army Materiel Command ordering system.  



  • For Navy units, the Navy will provide up to three hard copies at zero cost to your unit. You must establish an account through the Naval Logistics Library at If the publication is available in print, the website will provide you with the option of ordering a hardcopy. Publications are also available for download at For further assistance, contact the Navy Warfare Development Center librarians at DSN: 341-4342/4339, COMM: 757-341-4342/4339, or


  • For Marine Corps units, printed copies are limited but available through Print Publications (  If the print request is approved, it is distributed through Publishing and Logistics Systems Management Section (ARDE). Doctrine Branch does not stock or direct-mail printed copies of doctrine publications. Contact ARDE, HQMC at DSN 224-2951, 1712, 1713, or 4816 or commercial (703) 614-2951, 1712, 1713, or 4816.


JFIRE 2023 Local Printing Specific Instructions


  1. Text Stock - tan, waterproof, synthetic (tyvek or polyart) // Coverstock - Manufactured tan plastic, front and back "not surface printed"//trim size 4.75 X 7.00//Binding - Wire-O tan color top bound // Die cut bottom corners approx 1/4 inch 

  3. The front and back cover of the publication will extend out from the bottom 3/8 of an inch (hard plastic to protect the internal tabs). The tabs within the front and back cover will be as follows: A/S, EA, Appendices, Weapons, and RED's. All tabs will be prior to the beginning their respective chapter/appendix (i.e. "A/S" tab will be placed before chapter 2 Air-to-Surface Fires, page 27, "EA" prior to page 55, "Appendices" prior to page 61, "Weapons" prior to page 85, and "RED's" prior to page 125).

  5. After the authentication page of the Joint Application of Firepower MTTP, The Services have agreed to put the TEFACHR Format table, NSFS Call for Fire Table, Aircraft Check-in Briefing Table, Army Attack Aviation/SOF Rotary Wing Request and SOF Gunship CFF Format Table, Game Plan and 9-line CAS Brief Table, Fixed-Wing REDs Quick Reference Table, Elements and Transmissions of a Call for Fire (CFF) Table, Message to Observer Table, Adjustments Table, Immediate Suppression / Immediate Smoke Mission (Grid Method) Table, Rotary Wing CAS 5-line Brief Table, Helicopter or Tiltrotor (LZ) Brief Table, and 9-line Evacuation Request Table to aide in quick reference during field use.

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